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I am an award-winning London film producer and director.
My short film 'Mine'  recently picked up a Vimeo Staff Pick and won the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Narrative at the San Diego International Film Festival 2016. My film for QPR 'The Crest' won 'Best Director' at the EVCOM Screen Awards 2017.

As a producer/ director with 5 years in-house agency experience, I have developed, pitched for and created award-winning films for some of the biggest global brands including AMEX, Jaguar, Persil, Brand USA, Sony, Honda, Virgin, Red Bull, BBC, UGG, Sport UK, Gazprom, Lucozade, Glory MMA, Macmillan and Neymar Jnr. 

I specialise in developing a complete creative response to a brief, including a detailed budget, shooting plan and shot-list before then taking a film through to final delivery.  I shoot across Red, Arri, Sony, Canon and Blackmagic cameras and edit all my films in Premiere. I have produced films on budgets that vary from £5000 up to £250,000 and have an excellent understanding of delivering high-quality content that satisfies the various stakeholders from both brand and agency side.

As a producer/director I have been lucky enough to travel the world, shooting films in the US, South Africa, Europe, Asia and Saudi Arabia. I have a 5 year US I-Visa, a 3 year US O1 Visa and a 2 year Canadian WH Visa.

In pre-production:
- Muck and Brass - My first feature film currently in development, filming in October 2018. Three car thieves are hunted down by an unknown assailant in a car park in Wales.
- The Outlaw Pearl Heart - A western revenge short featuring the best 12-year-old gunslinger the Old West has ever seen.

In post-production:
Phoneutria - A short horror featuring a deadly spider loose in a North London flat-share. All shot with real spiders.